Caged Women (Quartier Haute Securite pour Femmes / Caged Women in Purgatory, Caged - Le prede umane, 1991)

US The Classic Theater DVD edition

WIP - a shameful genre, or ? I don't know as most often these films are made tongue-in-cheek due to the ridiculous rules of the genre
as - the innocent gringa woman wrongfully put in prison (often a jungle jail), stripping out of clothes, the shower or as in this film a
water hosing, the humiliation by prison guards, the escape or the revolt .... or the most important ingredient of any true WIP the
sadistic female warden with lesbian inclinations. Nude slow-mo running is added to the stew here also.

This Italian-Portuguese production is supposedly taking place in some Latin American country, but is probably shot in Portugal.
There are lots and lots of nudity in this film, and the women were beautiful, also the cute petite female warden with the whip.
If two nude women are locked into a boiler-by-hot-sun cell, what do they do to not die of thirst ? Easy, they lick the sweat of their
naked bodies. That would probably make them feel very sick, like drinking seawater i guess, but a male audience doesn't complain.

American tourist Janet Cooper (Pilar Orive) arrives by boat to some Latin american coastal town where she have sex with a Gringo
helicopter technician, Frank (Christian Lorenz) and is harassed by a sleazy narcotics cop, Sergeant Flores (Gaetano Russo).
He plants drugs on her and drags her to a remote female jail where the Captain (Aldo Sambrell, veteran Spanish actor often in Spaghetti
and Paella westerns) is checking his merchandise, the new batch of female prisoners. Helping him undress and feel-up the prisoners
is the female warden dressed in black and carrying a whip, Gerda (Elena Wiedermann).

The Captain invites sleazeballs to have sex with the women and charges his fees. Meantime, Frank is searching for Janet and he gets
to hear of the depraved prison from the helicopter pilot. Will he get there and free Janet and the other women in time ?
If you've seen only 1 (one) WIP movie before you know the answer to that.
So, giving a SPOILER to a WIP movie won't ruin it - SPOILER -


The film ends predictably with Frank flying out with Janet and blonde Louise (Isabel Libossart) in the helicopter after killing all the
guards and bad guys, and with the loose female prisoners taking revenge on Greta, the warden, putting her on the torture rack.
Greta, maybe named after famous Jess Franco WIP Greta the Mad Butcher ? where the great Dyanne Thorne played Greta.
OK, i may be a pervert and sick puppy but i would have wanted this film to end with Greta the warden going with them in the
helicopter, having foursome sex for the rest of their days. She was cute and looked neat dressed in black with her whip.

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen ratio and probably cropped from 1.85:1 but the picture quality looked OK, and the english
obvious dub audio 2.0 mono had some disturbances, no extras, region ALL. 90 minutes and not 87 on my player.

Yeah, so i'm to be ashamed for watching a film like this ? Really. This WIP isn't mean-spirited, more of a satire of the genre and an
actor like the Great Aldo Sambrell (1931-2010) clearly have fun in an almost burlesque way as the sleazebag Captain. Sambrell
seen in countless of spaghetti westerns and also in Sergio Leone's great one's, and in lots of Spanish genre films.


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