The Butterfly Room (2012)

Nordic DVD edition

This film feels like a Fan tribute to one of the biggest icons of Horror Movies, the actress mostly working in 1960's Italian film,
Barbara Steele. She owns this film as the mean elderly lady Ann and also as a really fucked up mother.
A Psycho Horror with a sweet old lady, a butterfly collector and who likes little girls .... but who hates men and bad little girls.

Steele is magnificent in the role as an old lady maniac, and scary, wow, she really know how to kill things, butterflies or people.
If you didn't know better she is a pleasant elegant elderly lady who likes kids. But her eyes, she can be scary with them too.

A psycho horror, yes, but with just a hint of tongue in cheek too and with some famous horror names in cameo roles, as Heather
Langencamp as Dorothy (Terror on Elm Street) the fucked up middle age daughter of Ann, or Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your
Grave/What Have You Done to Solange) as Olga, the sugardaddy mommy and Joe Dante (The Howling/Gremlins) as a taxi driver.

Ann (Steele) lives in an apartment house, she collects butterflies and lives alone. She's seemingly a good-hearted old woman who likes
kids but can get a little bit stern when she's annoyed. The neighbour Claudia (Erica Leerhsen) has a little girl, Julie, who often hangs
with Ann in the old lady's apartment. One month earlier Ann met a lonely little girl, Alice (Julia Putnam) and as Ann were lonely too
they started to hang out .... but Ann had to pay the girl for her company and Alice had her mother as her pimp. Then Alice disappeared.

Ann really don't like nosy men disturbing her at home something the handyman, played nicely by Ray Wise, will get to know.

The film is presented in 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio says the DVD sleeve but IMDB says 2.35:1 and as one can see from the
above DVD screen grab the picture ratio really are 2.35:1 and not 1.77:1. English audio 5.1 or 2.0 with swedish subtitles, no extras


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