Citadel (Burnt by the Sun: Fortress/ Battle of Kursk: Where Hitler Lost the War, 2010)

The film starts with a CGI mosquito's POV buzzing through a trench at the front. The Red Army besieges a Citadel hold by the germans
and Kotov is still in the prisoner battalion along with i.a. buddy Kolya (Andrei Merzlikin).
Colonel Arsentiev, Mitya is still searching for Kotov with the help of his assistant Ryabov (played by Vladimir Ryabov) and lots of
chaotic war scenes follows, some playing out like a satire of some Kusturica movie, with shouting colorful russian people and lots of
bad CGI. But, it's pure trashy fun mixed with some great scenes, as the ending scene with an endless parade of tanks on their way to
Berlin, to take revenge on Nazi Germany for their crimes against Mother Russia.
And, Oleg Menshikov is pure class, with his feelings towards Kotov complicated too say the least, full with hate and even more with
self-hatred. Very good reviews for her role received Nadezhia Mikhalkova as Kotov's daughter, growing up during filming

Presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 and a russian audio 5.1 with swedish subtitles