Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (La notti del terrore / Zombie Horror / Zombie 3 / Nights of Terror, 1981)

US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition

A Super Great Etruscan Zombie Horror from The Master of the B's - Andrea Bianchi (1925-2013)

It's trashy, wild, bizarre and funny and Andrea, often mistakenly thought of as a relative to C grade director Mario Bianchi, but they were only
namesakes. Both of them made the same type of Euro Trash Cinema (with the difference that Mario made a lot of porno movies .... and often with
swedish actress Marina Hedman in them) so i guess others have made the same mistake as i did. OK, they may not have been brothers but they
were surely The Kings of Euro Trash film, The Namesake Brothers
Eeeh, sorry, Andrea actually made some adult films too, i see now in the latter stages of his directing career, and with Marina Hedman in some of
them too. So, it's perfectly understandable that one mistakes them bor being brothers or related in some other way.

Yes, Andrea Bianchi made the insanely Bad 1987 Nazi Hunt action "Angel of Death / Commando Mengele" (read more about this stinkeroo on my
Horror Film Page 3) and the pretty bad 1974 Eurocrime mob epic "Cry of a Prostitute (Quelli che contano)" with Henry Silva and Barbara Bouchet.
But he also made 4 (four) movies that i liked a lot, B movies, sure, but very entertaining: his 1972 co-directed "What the Peeper Saw (Night Child)"
the 1975 giallo "Strip Nude for Your Killer", his 1979 sleazy sex horror "Malabimba" and this 1981 Etruscan zombie horror.


With this Zombie classic Andrea Bianchi manages to create a great atmosphere with undead etruscans house invading a party and with the
Great Gianetto de Rossi supplying the grisly effects. It's a HIGHLY ENTERTAINING watch for sure and the sweet intimate moment of a mother
connecting to her son, Mariangela Giordano and freak looking Peter Bark makes Horror history. No-one forgets that breast ripping scene.

The Lovely Mariangela (or Maria Angela) Giordano, the Euro Trash Cult actress famous and beloved for her part in this 1981 film, was born in
1937 and acted in Italian Sword and Sandals epics already in the 1950's. She also acted nude in Andrea's 1979 "Malabimba" as a nun seduced by a
teenage girl, acted in another sleazy to the hilt movie - the 1980 "Patrick vive ancora/Patrick is Still Alive"with that infamous iron bar/skewer scene
that rendered her a place in The Hall of Shame of Film History, got her breast ripped off by Peter Bark The Zombie in this film and in 1996, almost
60 years old, she appeared nude in Jesús Franco's "Killer Barbys" as Countess Olga Luchan Fliedermaus.

This Old US Shriek Show DVD edition presented the film in anamorphic widescreen and with english audio 2.0. I can't remember about the extras
but with some interviews i think