The Bride with White Hair (1993)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment 2019 Blu-ray edition - region ALL

A classic wuxia swordplay romantic fantasy from the Golden Era of Hong Kong filmmaking and Peter Pau provided the beautiful cinematography.
The film is based on the in Chinese litterature famous 1950's novel Baifa monu zhuan by Liang Yusheng and the story takes place during the Ming
Dynasty (that ruled China in the 14th - 17th century A.D and approx. 1368-1644) and emperor Wan-Li's reign (1573-1620)
But in the Ronny Yu film the intro tell us that the action starts with emperor Shun-Chi of the Qing dynasty (he ruled 1644-1661) and his quest for the
flower that blooms only once in 20 years on the snowy peak of Mount Shin Fung and who could rejuvenate a dying man to eternal life.
But this royal mission being thwarted by the guardian Choi Yi Hang or Zhuo Yi Hang (Leslie Cheung).

Choi tells us the story in Flashback. How he, an orphan, as a kid was attacked by wolves and was saved by a mystical wolf girl playing on her flute,
and then was raised in the Wu Tang warrior clan as a swordsman. One of the 8 clans of Chung Yuan.
An evil sorcerer and the cult leader of Mo, Chi & Ji Wu Shueng (Francis Ng in a bizarre role with Elaine Lui as his Siamese twin sister) wants to destroy
the clans, and Wolf Woman Lien Lu-Hua (Brigitte Lin) is his woman, his swordswoman.

Above - The old Hong Kong DVD edition in letterbox ratio with cantonese audio with english subs

The legendary Hong Kong actress Brigitte Lin (or Lin Ching Hsia), so charismatic the film reel probably sparkled, plays the role of the Wolf Woman
Witch Lien Lu Hua, raised by mountain wolves and now a warrior for the evil cult of Mo. Lien and Choi has fallen in love with each other and they
both wants to get out of their commitments, to the Mo and to the Clan, but that won't happen for sure as we get to see some of the best hyperkinetic
Wuxia swordplay ever when the evil sorcerer siamese twins clash with the Wu Tang clan.

Leslie Cheung (the HK film romantic fantasy hero no.1) and Francis Ng are both great but, as usual, it's Brigitte Lin that steals the show.
A sequel was made the same year, 1993. Beloved Leslie Cheung suffered from depression and committed suicide April 1st 2003

The Hong Kong all region Blu-ray presents the film in anamorphic widescreen ratio 2.35:1 with a cantonese audio 5.1 true HD and WITH english subtitles
Extras a trailer, a photo gallery and a 12 minutes Making Of featurette in cantonese without english subtitles


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