US Image Entertainment DVD edition, region 1

Fritz Lang Crime drama criticizing the Yellow press and based on a story by Vera "Laura" Caspary.

Telephonist Nora (Anne Baxter) has been dumped by her soldier boyfriend and to drown her sorrow she goes out to drink,
and at a nightclub, The Blue Gardenia, she meets the playboy and illustrator Harry (Raymond Burr). He lures her to his
home and when he tries to molest her she avoids his advances by using a firepoker, and then she falls asleep.
She wakes up, goes home and in her morning newspaper she can read about Harry being found murdered, by a firepoker.

The Police hunt for The Blue Gardenia Girl is on and the press, the chronicler Casey Mayo (Robert Conte) writes an open
letter to the murderess. Film in 4:3 fullscreen ratio, black & white, english audio mono. Nat King Cole sings the title song