Bloody Moon (Die Saege des Todes, 1981)

UK ? Severin Blu-ray edition


I re-watched this Jess probably most violent and bloody film for the first time since 2008 when i watched the Severin DVD (and i once had it on an
old VHS too in the 1990's) and i ended up with the same opinion now as then. This is TRASH with lots of bad acting and cringy dialogue and
performed by mostly German actors/actresses. A Giallo-Slasher hybrid with a glossy look by cameraman Juan Soler and a bunch of Bimbo-ish
but very attractive actresses, and most important a bunch of pretty well made and GORY murders. Slick trash, sure, but i like it and along with Jess
1988 "Les Predateurs de la Nuit" these are my two 1980's favourites films of his (of the one's i've seen that is).

The film has a slightly Non-Francoesque feeling about it, which Jess in the interview explains with that the economic backers, the german producers
wanted a generic looking Horror film, with generic looking actresses, generic sounding soundtrack and with generic looking Slasher film violence.
There are some Jesse looking scenes, = weird scenes, as when a woman (Nadja Gerganoff) inexplainably bares her breasts to the moon, and the nihilism
when the little kid, heroically trying to save one of the female victims, are run over by a car .... is so non-mainstream sick it could be seen as funny.
Jess, in the interview, actually says the film also is a genre comedy. Maybe, incompetence or comedy, it's hard to say.

The Old US Severin DVD (rel. in 2008 or so)

The Story: Beautiful Angela (german actress Olivia Pascal) arrives to Alicante, Spain, to attend at a Spanish summer language course held by The
International Youth Club Boarding School of Languages. The school is run by Alvaro (Christoph Moosbrugger) and owned by the wheelchair bound
Countess Maria (Maria Rubio, one of the few Spanish actors in this film). All the pupils are young attractive women for some reason, almost as if
they took part in some Eurosleaze movie. Horny too, yes, and local handyman Antonio (the other Spanish actor in this film) can have as much sex as
he want. What the girls don't know are that convicted murderer and mental case Miguel (Alexander Waechter) lives nearby at his aunt's, the Countess,
mansion and that he constantly lurks around the girls bungalows, and especially Angelas.
Miguel has a disfigured face and an incestuos relationship with his sister Manuela (Nadja Gerganoff in her only role, and she do resemble Lina Romay).

OK, soon a masked killer start to bump off the girls in various grisly ways. Eva (Ann-Beate Enjelke), Laura (Corinna Drews) and most notoriously
Inga (Jasmin Losensky) in the Stone Saw Mill scene. Unforgettably nasty and a well made special effect, props to the FX guys. Who's the killer?
Jesús Franco can be seen as a doctor in The Clinica Psiquiatrica at the start of the movie. Dead Eva in closet can be seen in Almodovar's "Matador".

The Blu-ray presents the film in an unspecified aspect ratio (probably in 1.85:1?) and with english LPCM audio, as extra an interview with Jess Franco:
Franco's Moon 19 minutes featurette in english, and a Thetrical Trailer. The interview was made in 2008 and here Jess (1930-2013) was vital and funny
and i could listen to him for hours. They should collect all his video interviews and put them on a BR/DVD (impossible, i know).
At the beginning of the interview we can see deary Lina Romay for a second, with grey hair, and she sadly passed away in 2012, a year before Jess


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