Bloody Mary Killer (Undefeatable, 1993-1994)

US Tai Seng DVD edition

This is a double edition from the US-Chinese company Tai Seng of the films "Bloody Mary Killer" and "The Crucifixion" both from
1994, but i will mostly talk about the Cynthia Rothrock cult classic below.
Bloody Mary Killer 1993-1994 is the asian version of the film "Undefeatable", a Hong Kong production shot in Maryland, USA.
This film has turned into a beloved cult classic by martial arts and psychotronic film fans, and why is that ?

Cynthia as Big Sister and equipped with the Northern Chinese Shuanggou hook sword

The film is directed by the legendary Godfrey Ho, The Ed Wood, Jr. of Hong Kong "con artist for some, unwitting genius for others",
and known for his enormous output of crappy lowbudgeted Ninja movies during the 1980's and his ability to cut and edit together
material from a whole bunch of different film projects to just one confusing mess of a film.
He's known for paying an actor for the shooting of 1 or 2 films, an actor that then surprised could see himself appear in 5 or 6 films.
In an Internet interview Godfrey puts all the blame on the shady film company bosses (for his crappy films) and the man appears to
be a very sympathetic guy. Today he's retired but educates about film in Hong Kong.

You can read about his 1987-1989 ultra trashy Robo Vampire and The Vampire is Alive on my Hong Kong Classics Film Page

Cynthia Rothrock plays the role of Kristi Jones in Undefeatable and Big Sister alt. Swirl Leg in Bloody Mary Killer, a waitress who
earns some extra money as a Streetfighter. A serial killer is on the loose and when her little sister is found murdered with her eyes
plucked out, she's starting the hunt for the killer together with a crime cop played (badly) by John Miller.
The reason this film is a beloved Cult Classic is not just because of Cynthia or the confusing way Ho directs and edits the film, but
due to the way Don Niam plays the role of the killer. A psychotic muscle man with the ugliest Mullet ever worn on film. He's oiled up
and stares crazy and rips out the eyes of his victims with his Eagle Claw technique. He's totally over the top and very entertaining.

In both versions of this film, i think as i haven't seen Undefeatable yet, Robin Shou plays an undercover cop in the Triads and with
a secret list ... or something. A charming detail is that all people in the film know some Kung Fu, and also elegantly dressed women.

In the intro to the asian version of the film, BMK, Cynthia performs a beautiful martial arts weapons exhibition when the credits
roll. An act of power and elegance

Cynthia with her Eagle Claw

When i wrote this text initially about this asian version of Undefeatable it was hard to get any info. The film takes place in the US
and with english spoken in Undefeatable and with cantonese audio in Bloody Mary Killer. In BMK much about the killer Paul and
his psychological history have been cut out in favour of an uninteresting side story about undercover cop Robin Shou's Uncle Lo
- played by Godfrey Ho himself, and a stepsister of Robin named Sandy.

The Mystery of the lost actress

If you look closer at the DVD cover pic above you can see the name Cynthia Luster written. Cynthia or Cindy Luster was an alias
for the japanese actress Yukari Oshima, who just like Rothrock was a legendary actress of the female fighting and Girls with Guns
genre. Godfrey Ho says in an interview that he enclosed scenes with her and Robin Shou into the asian version of the film, but i can't
see any Yukari Oshima anywhere in this film, and i have seen it 2 times. Also, it's not mentioned anywhere in her filmographies that
she have appeared in this film. The only actress i can see added to the BMK version is the actress playing Sandy - see below.

.... And, who could she be then ? I haven't found any info but surely it is not Yukari Oshima. She looks chinese and she's pretty for sure
and i think i've seen her before (Godfrey Ho as Uncle Lo can be seen here).

The film is badly written, directed and acted and with many strange slow motion fights, but, and this is a big BUT, the film is a Hong
Kong production from the end of the Golden Era. A Cat. III sleaze action, violent and with pace. Very trashy, sure, but still very enter-
taining to watch. The film has a nice intro (as mentioned above) where Cynthia can be seen playing with martial arts weapons, Robin
Shou can be seen in a short but cool fight against a gangster compatriot, a stuntman fall against a car, Cynthis doing some training on
a lawn and there's the ending bizarre Boss fight against the perp, Paul alias Devil Fish (or Stingray in Undefeatable version).

Lovely Cynthia as Kristi Jones alias Big Sister alias Swirl Leg

Cynthia Rothrock as the cute redhaired toughie Big Sister is adorable with her 1980's Cyndi Lauper like ribbons in her hair.
The action choreographer Douglas Kung can be seen as a chinese killer and Wong Chi Man and Ken Yip plays two triad gangsters
sent from Hong Kong.
The film was presented in a 4:3 fullscreen ratio and with a cantonese 5.1 audio (or a mandarin dub 5.1) with burnt in english subs.
The picture was a bit blurry and the white subtitles was hard to see when the background was light.


The Crucifixion (1994) Direction: Ko Lam Pau with Michael Chow, Hilary Tsui, Jan Lau and Ivy Leung

A whodunit B-ish crime mystery where two cops investigates a series of murders where the victims have been nailed to a cross.
Inspectors Ho Ti Nam (Chow) and Jacky Wong (Hilary Tsui) and the dog Toby finds a murdered crucified man out in the woods
and more killings are to come. Everything leads to a group of truck drivers and a twist is a coming.
Presented in (i think) a letterbox ratio with cantonese 5.1 audio and burnt in english subtitles (with the same problem as above)


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