Blood Tide (1980-1982)

US Arrow Video Blu-ray edition - Region A stated on cover but played Region ALL

B-grade low budget Creature horror shot on the beautiful Greek island of Monemvassia with the ancient city
giving the film a lot of atmosphere, and the greek co-scriptwriter and procucer Nico Mastorakis (famous for his
1975 exploitation horror flick "Island of Death") also shot his own directed B-grade horror "The Wind" at this
place in 1986. The film looks visually fine and was shot by cinematographer Ari Stavrou.

The film is a Creature Horror and sucks as that due to a very crappy looking monster (only seen in a glimpse
though, but still). Strictly B-grade it is but the pluses are the above mentioned atmosphere of the unique location,
the fine acting from mainly the elder cast as José Ferrer and Lila Kedrova, and the acting from James Earl Jones
was either bad or good, i can't decide, and finally the green, green eyes of Deborah Shelton were something.
So, a pretty bad movie but still entertaining and trying to be an atmospherical horror mystery. Nice try.

The Film: A couple arrives by boat to a Greek island, and they are Sherry (Mary Louise Weller) and Neil (Martin
Kove) and they're looking for his sister Madeline (Deborah Shelton) who they haven't heard from for 4 months.
The Mayor of the town/village (José Ferrer) can't help them, or won't, and he wants them to leave.
But, Madeline is there, staying at a Convent, with Lila Kedrova as Sister Anne. Together with Madeline at the
island are also an afro-american man, Frye (James Earl Jones) and his girlfriend and/or assistant Barbara (Lydia
Cornell) and they seem to be amateur archeologists.

Madeline, Frye and Barb are looking for something on the island. Madeline has found ancient imagery from
1500 BC in the convent depicting some deity or monstrosity, and Frye has found an underwater cave with a
portal that must be opened with explosives, and soon an ancient evil has been wokened.
The end credits song is sung by Deborah Shelton

Film presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with english audio mono 1.0 and with english subtitles. The cover
states region A but it played region ALL.

Extras: Audio commentary with director and co-writer Richard Jefferies and Michael Felcher, Swept by the Tide
Interview with producer and co-writer Nico Mastorakis (29 minutes), original trailer, 2020 trailer plus a Booklet


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