Blood Sabbath (Aquelarre Sangriento, 1972)

Spanish Vial of Delicatessen DVD edition

Text below written 2019-05-19

Pure Vintage Grindhouse Trash in a boring and incompetently made Black Magic Horror and in a copy with washed out colors. Luckily there
are a lot of nude dancing and prancing from the beautiful witches thrown in now and then so you won't get too bored with the thin story.
As a big fan of Dyanne Thorne and her legendary Ilse She-Wolf of the SS film series i'm delighted to see her here in another non-Ilse film,
even though this C-grade not-so-horrific horror almost steers into the Z-grade. ALotta - The Queen of the Witches

Dyanne Thorne as ALotta, Queen of the Witches

A Drifter and Vietnam Vet, David (Tony Geary) stumbles into an area where a coven of witches has residence, and where they rule over the
nearest village, and if this is in USA or Mexico somewhere i have no idea (the villagers look like latinos). He's assaulted at night by nude women
and an un-credited Uschi Digard as a hippie girl flash her boobs at him (i would recognize her anywhere, and maybe i'm exposing myself as an
pervert admitting this, oh well ...) and basically this is a sexploitation horror film, with nudity to distract from the tedious story.

Nude Women Attack !

David, played very VERY badly by Anthony Geary in a hysterical Steve Railsback style with a shrieking voice (i like Railsback though, he makes it
work for him) meets a bearded man who lives in a shack in the woods (Sam Gilman) and who does the bidding of the witches coven.
David also meets a swimming woman, Yyala (Susan Damante) dressed in a white dress and she's one of the witches.
ALotta is the leader of the blood cult and she takes the souls of her human victims who then become members of the cult. The question you
probably won't bother to ask is: Will annoying David offer ALotta his soul to join the cult and be the lover of Yyala in her bad blond wig ?

Unfortunately Dyanne Thorne can be seen topless only briefly and it takes an hour before she makes a nude dance, and when she finally drops
her clothes for David (and Us), he's ungrateful enough (and spoils our fun) to knife her to death. Oh noo, what a bastard. The director don't seem
to get it, that probably 90 % of the audience watched this garbage through waiting for Dyanne Thorne to show her wonders.

This Spanish DVD is presented in a 4:3 format ? with an english audio 2.0, region 2


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