Blacula & Scream, Blacula, Scream (1972 & 1973)

UK Eureka! Blu-ray and DVD 3 disc combo edition

Text below written 2018-05-28

Blacula (1972)

Statuesque William Marshall is fine as a vampire in Los Angeles in this Blaxploitation horror. Once the african prince Mamuwalde he
got bitten by the racist Count Dracula, when visiting the counts transylvanian castle in 1780 and transformed into a vampire.
2 homosexual antique dealers buys some stuff from the castle and unwisely brings Mamuwaldes coffin to LA. When the distinguished
looking african wakes up he starts a biting spree. Slow-moving as he is he easily catches his victims according to the physical laws of
B movie horrors. He finds a cool black cape and is all dressed up and ready to go .... Blitzkrieg Bop !

Dr. Gordon Thomas (Thalmus Rasulala) of the Scientific Investigation Division ... yeah, i heard of that, sure ... sleuths around checking
the mysterious neck wounds on the victims. Could there really be a vampire on the loose in LA? The able doctor is married to gorgeous
Michelle (Denise Nicholas) and Mamuwalde was married to equally gorgeous Luva/Tina (Vonetta McGee), that's before Dracula killed her.

Elisha Cook, Jr. can be seen as a morgue attendant with a steel hook hand and Ketty Lester plays a funky female cab driver and also
sings a fine soul number at a nightclub. She had a huge hit with Love Letters in the early 1960's. Here, she's Juanita, the cab driver

widescreen 1.85:1 original ratio with a LPCM 2.0 audio on the Blu-ray and a 2.0 DD audio on the DVD
Extras: a trailer and Kim Newman (the author of Nightmare Movies) talking about the film (25 minutes, 2014) and a Booklet

Booklet with texts and pictures

Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973)

William Marshall returns in the sequel even though he was turned into dust by the LA sun in the first film. How is that possible?
Easy. Lisa (Pam Grier) is the Loa, the leader of a black magic cult and the possessor of great voodoo power and the ex-cult member,
Willis (Richard Lawson) side-stepped by Lisa, uses his black magic to re-animate the bones of Mamuwalde / Blacula.
Willis becomes Blacula's slave and soon yet again a biting spree worries LA and the police department.

Can Lisa's voodoo powers help Mamuwalde back to his Niger delta people? Can she remove her blouse for the immense satisfaction
of all her Coffy and Foxy Brown film fans? Nooooo, not even a glimpse of her wonder boobies this time and maybe this 1973 film
was her first role fully dressed? AND, here i do have a point as Blacula and it's sequel maybe shouldn't be classified as Blaxploitation
but as a Black Horror film. There are no racial tensions, no honky white pigs and the white policemen in the films are totally non-bigoted
and finally Pam Grier keeps her clothes on.

widescreen 1.85:1 original ratio with a LPCM 2.0 audio on the Blu-ray and a 2.0 DD audio on the DVD
The Blu-ray disc has 2 films on it and are region B. The 2 DVD's has 1 film each on them and are region 2


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