The Black Torment (Die Schwarze plague/Das Grauen auf Blck Torment, Horror en la Mansion
Fordyke, La Morte Nera, 1964)

German e-m-s DVD


Edina Ronay, only seen in the pre-credit sequence as a victim shows ample cleavage and probably a
selling point in promo material when trying to compete with the Italian horrors of the era

Text below written 2017-01-05

A forgotten British gothic horror murder mystery that was much better than it's reputation, well if that means what the
stuffy Phil Hardy once wrote in his Horror Encyclopedia. Hardy, the man who slaughtered La Residencia as garbage
and here he calls the color ugly. In fact, most genre fans much praise the great color photography from camera man
Peter Newbrook. Sure, this film is B but it looks great in lush colors and it's very entertaining with a slightly hysterical
twist ending. Great B movie fun. The film was made at Shepperton Filmstudios, London, England and look surprisingly
period great (the film takes place in the 18th century) in regard to the people involved producing it, and i have never
heard about anyone of the actors in this film before, but they do a nice job.

Sir Richard Fordyke (John Turner) returns to his castle with his new wife Lady Elizabeth (Heather Sears) after a long
time of absence. Upon arrival he's met by very sour locals and gloomy servants though and he wonder about the reason
for the feel bad reception of him and his wife. Something has been going on during his travels, namely rape and murder.
A local girl, Lucy Judd (Edina Ronay) has been raped and murdered by a perp looking like Sir Richard, and if that wasn't
bad enough his castle seems to be haunted when the ghost of his 1st wife appear at night dressed in white.

Sir Richard's father Giles lives in the castle but is a paraplegic and sits in a wheelchair looked after by Diane (Ann Lynn),
Richard's sister-in-law (by 1st wife) and her cousin Seymour (Peter Arne). The murders continue and the locals are getting
even more agitated and accuses Richard of not just rape and murder but also of witchcraft, and his life could be in danger.
Who-dun-it in this murder mystery gothic horror? A twist is a-coming (and the producers begs the audience not to reveal
the ending .... yes, i hate when entering a cinema you hear the audience leaving talking loudly about some twist ending)

4:3 fullscreen english audio DD 1.0 (with only german subtitles). Extra: German trailer, english different title sequence,
bilder galerie and a text leaflet in german only

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