Beyond Justice AKA Blond Justice (1994)

German DVD edition

This is a Fun B grade action movie but the fight choreography could've been better (yes, i know Richard Norton is responsible, but it
still sucks a bit). Cynthia looks as lovely as ever though (great cover pic where she is going to punish you for looking at her in that way).
Cynthi plays ... surprise ... a Cop, Christina Mackay or Christy and she works in an operation against a money Counterfeiting gang.
Counterfeit money is about to be exchanged between two gangs when the deal goes sour and the police joins in into the huge fight
with gang 1 vs gang 2 and gang 1 vs police vs gang 2 and Cynthia's Christy is kicking a lot of bad guys.

Christy gets a tip of who's running the counterfeit trade and she goes to a party with a female colleague who's shot to death in the
ensuing shoot-out. But it's getting even worse when a Nasty Frenchwoman, Nina (Lydie Denier) shoots Christy's fiancé to death, and
then also her own partner which makes Nina the new Boss of the Counterfeit organisation.

Above: Cynthia as Christina "Christy" Mackay

Above: Daniel McVicar as Hobbs and Cynthia Rothrock as Christy Mackay

Nina is sentenced for the murder and a furious Christy attacks her in the Courthouse, which renders her being sacked from the Police
force. Christy is then bumming up in her trailer-house and tries to get jobs as a bodyguard - "The Christine Mackay Protection Service"
and a quirky millionaire playboy, Hobbs (Daniel McVicar) hires her as his Bodyguard, and killer Nina escapes from prison.
Will Christy get her revenge on Nina ? In a bar room brawl we get to see Cynthia's famous Scorpion kick.

As i said, the fight choreography could've been better as the stuntmen stands and wait for Cynthia's kicks (but the end fight was OK).
The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen with english audio DD 2.0, trailers extra, region 2