Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Swedish Njuta films edition

Text below written 2018-05-28

Art horror or experimental psychological thriller, and very interesting with a brilliant Toby Jones in the main role.
Quite complex and after watching it you may scratch your head and debate what really happened in the film ...
Or whatever happened in the film within the film ... or in the film within the film within the film ?

Gilderoy, a middle-aged englishman (Toby Jones) and gifted sound technician and effects man arrives to Studio 4
in Italy (probably in the 1970's?) to work on Gian Carlo Santini's latest horror film production and it's dub sound.
Italian films was dubbed for a long time (and sometimes are still when making an english audio).

Gilderoy is a very mild mannered man and a real craftsman regarding sound and sound effects. But, he has never
before worked on a horror film and Santini's films are famous for their violence and no holds barred nastiness ....
Santini: "Nobody has seen such horror".
And soon the violence and the opressive atmosphere with the unfriendly way he's treated starts to affect Gilderoy.
Things starts to get confused and he feels more and more disorientated. What is real or not? Is it a film?

Presented in anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 english audio with swedish subtitles, DVD region 2
Hailed by critics and a winner of film prizes


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