Belphégor - The Phantom of the Louvre (2001)

US Lion's Gate - Studio Canal DVD edition

In 2001 the film re-make of the (on the continent) famous 1965 TV series premiered to lukewarm reviews.
But i think it's somewhat unjustly criticized and a good thing could be that one shouldn't expect to see a scary "horror" film but
more of a fantasy adventure matinée movie. The film is NOT as scary or as atmospheric as the original TV series, that had a
great soundtrack that emphasized those qualities. But, what it has is the gorgeous Sophie Marceau in the main role (and i'm a
big fan of her, always enthralled by her beauty) and the quirky Michel Serrault as the senior ex-cop leading the hunt for evil B.

The egyptologist Pierre Desfontaines found a mysterious sarcophagus with a royal looking mummy back in 1935 and took it
back to the Louvre museum in Paris, France. During the transport by boat the crew members died after having bad hallucinations.
The sarcophagus had royal insignia but with the name erased, so there's was something strange and ominous about it.
Today, when scientists led by Julie Christie examines it the evil spirit of Belphégor is let loose again.
Just as in 1965 when Belphégor was let loose the last time and caused havoc at the Louvre. Something which ex-policeman
Verlac (Michel Serrault) reminds them about, and strangely something the Museum management seems to have forgotten about.

Lisa (Sophie Marceau) lives with her grandma next door to The Louvre and during museum renovation work an opening into
the museum suddenly is there after a wall breaking down due to the vibrations. Together with maybe or soon-to-be boyfriend,
electrician Martin (Frederic Diefenthal) she walks into the museum and they are chased by guards. Great fun she thinks, but
she doesn't know that Belphégor has noticed her and lusts after her (and who can blame him ?)

Belphégor dressed in his black royal cape and with his bronze face mask look great when he roams through the corridors and
cause deaths among the museum guards. Julie Christie plays the english egyptologist Glenda Jenkins and seems to have fun
and Serrault's quirky ex-policeman turned detective Verlac seems to have a bone to pick with Belphégor since the happenings
back in 1965. Entertaining but not scary at all.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.40:1 with a french audio and english subtitles, no extras, region 1


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