Beauty Water (Gigigoegoe seonghyeonsu, 2020)

Hong Kong Edko Films Ltd. - Lotte Entertainment DVD edition , region 3


An animated South Korean horror drama that supposedly is the first feature film that were based on a Web Toon, and
it was quite fascinating and bizarre. A film that besides it's horror elements also comments subjects as the false ideals
of the Idol industry with fat shaming and plastic surgery hysteria among young people.

Yae-ji is an somewhat obese young woman who works as a make-up artist at a TV Studio making commercials. Her nasty
boss is sexy Lee Mi-ri and she's an Idol and a Star, famous i suppose for being just sexy and beautiful and nothing else
(maybe she can croak a song and using autotune, just as the Idols in Japan, a useless bunch famous for their beauty.
Idols in Japan and South Korea are something else than Idol here in the west where people actually have to sing good).
Lee Mi-ri treats her staff badly and calls Yae ji a pig.

During a TV shoot a pic is taken of Yae ji eating and it goes viral as the most disgusting picture on the Internet. Poor Yae
is living with her sweet parents and she locks herself into her room refusing to leave. Then, she gets a mystery notification
of having won the beauty enhancement cure "Beauty Water" but a treatment will also cost her 200 000 USD, an enormous
sum for her poor parents to raise. She gets the money and she gets the treatment .... and, she gets beatiful for sure. Her
new persona is named Kim Sul-hye and she's slim with big bouncing boobs and with new size zero clothes to wear. She
gets contacted by an Agency and her plan is to outdo Lee Mi-ri and take her place as the hottest Star. But ....

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen with korean audio DD 5.1 and with english subtitles. Extra a trailer and a gallery


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