Bangkok Dangerous (2000)

Thai Digital Rights DVD edition

Text below written 2020-03-05

Edited, written and directed by The Pang Brothers
and their big breakthrough movie, big in Thailand and a film that made a lot
of buzz in the rest of the world too, and in the forefront of the then Thai New Wave cinema.

It's a visually stylish and almost Hyperkinetic gangster drama about a deaf and dumb professional killer. It's a fireworks of
visual style and with cool editing .... but to be honest when re-watching this Thai modern classic in 2020, it's a lot of fluff too.
Pawarith Monkolpisit is very good as the hitman Kong, but still, the film is about 3 turds, killing people against payment, anyone
they don't care, so i didn't give a shit about their fates either, please die creeps.

Kong kills people in Bangkok along with his human feces friends, hitman buddy Joe (Pisek Intrakanchit) and his girlfriend, nasty
bargirl Aom (Patharawarin Timkul). In a drugstore Kong meets the pharmacist Fon (Premsinee Ratanasopha) and for a short
while they become a nice looking young couple, but Kong knows what he is, Garbage, and that their love affair is doomed.
The film has a strong and very sentimental ending with a remorseful Kong dying in the rain, a scene that would have made a
John Woo or Johnnie To proud with it's Noir sentimentality.

The Pangs made horror classic The Eye and the unseen but quite stylish Nothing to Lose in 2002 and had a big career in the HK
film industry, but .... i don't think they have fulfilled the potential shown in these 3 made in 2000-2000 movies, and has become
just run-of-the-mill type of director's.
The film also sports a cool soundtrack that alternates between the sounds of the City and the silent world of the killer.

Fullscreen in thai 5.1 or 2.0 stereo audio with english subtitles, trailer, region 3