The Balkan Line (Boskanskiy rubezh, 2019)

Russian DVD or DVD-R

Text written 2021-08-24

PLEASE NOTE That this is a Russian film, and that the NATO Serbian war here is described seen from the Serbian-Russian side

Ha, ha, ha, Yes, the Russians, the Serbs and some Albanians are The Good Guys and the US, NATO and the Albanian militia are The
Bad Guys. Something that could make all the viewers suffering from propaganda by Hollywood and mainstream media ... a bit confused.

Great War Action, beautifully shot and with political power as it decribes the events when NATO committed acts of war in 1998-99
with the not sanctioned by the UN terror bombings of i.a. Belgrade. This because Kosovo demanded independence from Yugoslavia
and there was a race between the russian peacekeeping unit and the US/NATO one to reach the Slatina Airport in Pristina, Kosovo.
The russians arrived first and furious US military decided to bomb the russian troops but luckily changed their mind, to avoid a big
war (maybe the final one). But this film ends before that conflict and with the russian peacekeeping troops arriving at the airport.

The film starts with a russian special unit group fighting in the Bosnian war. The group is led by Andrei "Shatay" Shatalov (Anton
Pampushnyy) and consists of Oleg, the sniper Vera (Beautiful Uzbek Russian actress Ravshana Kurkova), Rustam, Ilya and Beck
(played by always great actor Yuriy G. Kutsenko, seen in i.a. the very entertaining Antikiller movies, and dozens of other).
After disobeying the orders from a US NATO officer the whole Shatalov group is disranked and thrown out of the russian army.

This film is co-produced by Russia and it's Serbian brothers, and isn't it cool to see a geopolitical incident and yet another bombing
war from another viewpoint than the usual Hollywood films promoting the old CIA talking points ?
Ha, ha, ha, the only american officer in the film was delightfully unlikeable and here's the mystery - how come russians in Hollywood
films always look slightly sub-human and as unpleasant nasty gorillas, when in russian films the actors, the stars look beautiful ?
Yes, it's almost as if there were some agenda at work. Nothing much has changed since Joseph Goebbels methods in the 1930's.
And, this great action film will surely NOT be shown in any theatre near you (if you live in Sweden or any other western country).

Vera The Sniper (Ravshana Kurkova)

This film has some documental footage inserted and we're told that the Bosnian war ended in 1995 with the Dayton Agreement.
But in 1998 a new conflict broke out in the region when Kosovo albanians demanded independence from Yugoslavia (from what was
left of it) and NATO started bombing Serbia and we get to see the bombings of civilian targets in Belgrade/Beograd.
A doctor, Yasna (Milena Radulovic) manages to escape the burning inferno with a small child, and later meet with Shatalov.

In Moscow, June 1999 a general tells Beck that the americans and NATO plans to help The Albanian/Kosovo Liberation Army with
ethnic cleansing of serbians in Kosovo
, and this under the guise of "peacekeepers" and by using the airport in Pristina. (-Yes, for
sure controversial about who clensed who, but this is a Russian-Serbian film, and this is their view of what went on).

Beck is ordered to re-animate the Andrei Shatalov special combat group and to take over the Slatina Airport and keep it until the
russian K-FOR "peacekeepers" led by Colonel Platov arrive from their base in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all in secret without
letting anyone know who they are. The mission is Top Secret.
The Andrei Shatalov Group has stayed in Serbia active in different types of work, and their reward if they succeed with their top
secret assignment - "Take and Hold Slatina", they can return home to Mother Russia.

Taking the airport may not be that hard but keeping it from being re-taken by the Albaninan Militia led by the ultra brutal killer and
super Bad Guy - Smook/Smuk (a great Aleksandar Svéckovic) will be harder, and the second part of this film is all war fighting.
The elite squad members are of varied ethnicities, tatar, ingushian, uzbek and russian etc. In the film russian, serbian, albanian and
english can be heard spoken. This is a very well made and very entertaining war action and highly recommended.

Russia was at it's weakest during the 1990's with oligarks plundering the country and with a weak president, and when a General
Somov in the film is ordered by president Boris Yeltsin to immediately stop the caravan of tanks led by colonel Platov to take the
airport, he refuses as he will not take orders from a coward and a lapdog to the west.
In a small role as a corrupt doctor Dmitriy Frid can be seen, more known for his role as Detective Yukov Platonovich Shtolman
in the popular russian TV series "Detective Anna" (can be seen on Youtube with english subtitles and in HQ).

The film, DVD or DVD-R, is presented in anamorphic widescreen with russian etc. audio, no extras, region all

Russian film Rocks ! I'm living in Stockholm, and I would love to have a Cinema here that showed new Russian film as they are
doing it so well with also their entertainment commercial movies (not just cineaste artmovies) as action, sci-fi, fantasy and WW2
films. Yes, i.a. Netflix do show some of these Russian films and TV series on streaming video, but in a good old Cinema theatre too.
I would love if there were Cinema theatres in Stockholm (and in other citys) that showed new Chinese film and Bollywood film.
Both Russia and China could surely afford it if they sponsored this cultural type of events. Yes, due to the geo-political situation
in the world the anti-russian and sinophobe propaganda probably would be harsh, but a new multipolar world is a-coming, so ....


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