Baby (2015)

India T-Series edition DVD

Action Superstar Akshay Kumar - better than ever

Text below written 2016-11-19

A Bollywood Super Blockbuster Mega Hit action movie, that could be a Salman Khan movie or .... an Akshay Kumar
flick. I've never been a big fan of Salman's Masala style of acting even though i like him better when he's getting older
and his blockbuster action Ek Tha Tiger from 2012 was quite enjoyable.
Akshay Kumar however, the other big action movie star, i've always found very Likeable, not a great actor maybe, him
either, but likeable, so you forgive him. But this film was a revelation for me as Kumar really has improved his acting.
He's great as agent Ajay Singh Rajput, and great all through the film that is in a relaxed and restrained performance.
He's done so many films but my other favourite film with Akshay Kumar in it must be Bhool Bhulaiyaa from 2007,
the classic hard to define ghost story comedy drama something. Baby Rocks and is well deserved all the praise

Kay Kay Menon as Bilal Khan

The Narrator of the film, and also acting in it, Danny Denzongpa, tells us that Baby, is a Black-Op unit with specially trained
agents formed after the 26/11 Mumbai bombings/killings. We get to see agent Ajay Singh Rajput (Kumar) chase down a
wanted terrorist and do some fighting, the important Bilal Khan (Kay Kay Menon) being freed during a prisoner transport
in a great action sequence, a great fight in Nepal and finally a suspenseful mission in Saudi Arabia.
Baby knows that terrorists connected with the Pakistani Lashkar movement plans something BIG, but just what and where?

Everything done has got pace to it and is very enjoyable. Perfect Popcorn movie and without too much CGI to annoy you.
The reason why a Bollywood action movie has got realistic and well made fighting sequences? Could that really be true?
The Answer is YES, because of frenchman Cyril Raffaelli, martial artist, actor, stuntman, as action choreographer and
that's very wise of Bollywood getting help with the things they've not mastered before

Sushant Singh and Taapsee Pannu in Nepal

When Ajay and his fellow agent Priya/Shabana (Taapsee Pannu) goes to Katmandu, Nepal, to kidnap Wasim Sheikh
(Sushant Singh) there's a surprisingly great fighting scene in a hotel room, possibly inspired by the classic fighting scene
from Stephen Soederbergh's Haywire between MA legend Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender, between Pannu and
Singh. Thanks Cyril Raffaelli and in the extras we can see young Taapsee Pannu training hard for the shot.

This is great news and more important than most would believe. If this trend continues with big budget Bollywood action
films using expertise for the fighting and action scenes, then these films can conquer everything, the whole of the world
including Europe (where i live) and not just then the indian communities in some cities as in London.
Akshay Kumar's popularity: in the extras we can see Kumar talking to an almost hysterical crowd in Katmandu.
Akshay Kumar is a HUGE star and Box Office Gold for any film company. Here in Stockholm, Sweden, he would
certainly walk the streets in total anonymity though. Sweden - the most Hollywoodified country in the world?

Anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 or 2.0 hindi audio with english subtitles.
Disc 2 with extras: The Making of Baby 25 minutes plus 5 minutes of trailers without subtitles but with a mix of hindi
and english as usual with the extras

Beparwah is a really cool ending song done the international Bond style and with Esha Gupta miming to the real
singing of Apeksha Dandekar (great voice and with a natural pitch to it, not the strangled cat high pitch)


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