Gritos en la Noche (The Awful Dr. Orlof, 1961)

US Image Entertainment unrated DVD edition

Yes, one of Franco's first directed films and the one that started the Spaniards charismatic horror film career. Also, the first in his Dr. Orloff film
, in the Mad Doctor Horror genre and inspired by US and Mexican 1950's sci-fi horror B movie cheapies. But mostly perhaps inspired by
Georges Franju's beautiful horror film masterpiece Les Yeux sans visage about a crazed surgeon trying to restore his beloved daughter's face
with countless of skin drafts, taken from eeeh ... un-cooperative females (read more about 1959 Les Yeux sans visage on my Horror Film page 2).

This early Franco film shot atmospherically in black & white is one of his best films and was his break-through in the film business.
Dr. Orloff (Howard Vernon) and his assistant the hunchback Morpho (Riccardo Valle) are abducting young female cabaret performers for plastic
operations where Orlof (just as Pierre Brasseur in Les Yeux sans visage) tries to salvage his daughter's destroyed face by using skin drafts taken
from the unlucky victims. There's even some daring nudity in this very early exploitation horror, even thogh a Body Double apparently was used
for Diana Lory's nude scene. Dina Lorys plays the ballerina Wanda Bronsky, the busty girlfriend of investigating police inspector Tanner.

Aaaaah, Diana Lorys, what a beautiful woman and fine actress. My favourite film of her would surely be
The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (Los
Ojos azules de la muñeca rota) directed by Carlos Aured in 1973 and with Paul Naschy. Spanish Gialli at it's best.

This was the first Jesús Franco film using the crazy doctor, and he would return all through Jess long lasting direction career, as late as in 1987
Howard Vernon reprised his mad doctor role in Faceless (Les Predateurs de la Nuit) even though in a short scene only. Orloff returned in 1964
with El Secreto del Dr. Orloff (Dr. Orloff's Monster) but without Vernon, and in 1964 The Diabolical Dr. Z but this time with a Dr. Z as the disciple
of Orloff (read more about this great Franco film at the top of this Horror Film page) and in 1969 with The Orgies of Dr. Orloff and etc. etc.

The DVD was presented in widescreen 1.85:1 ratio and with a mono english audio. Extra: text by Jesus Franco expert Tim Lucas, snapcase