Atomic Blonde (2017)

Nordic Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2018-05-28

Yes, i know! Charlize Theron do look good. I knew that this BAD mainstream action would suck with lots of fast cutting and
fake action. I mean, just look at her, she's built like a fashion model with arms like sticks, how on earth could she fight against
100 kilos russian secret agents well trained in martial arts ? Well ?

BUT who cares, she's GORGEOUS and looks great on the sleeve. I finally had to give in and buy this disc, OK Charlize you win.

If you like to see fashion models smoking in slow mo this film is for you, all tobacco slaves out there. She smokes constantly.
Yeah .... this is a TURD packaged in silver paper for all us cretins of the world. The Russian agents in the movie look like some
gorillas and they can hardly be recognized as humans. But the CIA killer is cool and played by John Goodman, yuck!
Disgusting. CIA and the Tobacco industry presents ....

widescreen 2.35:1, english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with swedish subtitles