Nice korean DVD edition

anamorphic widescreen, DTS-ES, 5.1

Sorry, no review here. I once had a Film Net Shop and often had no time writing reviews and this Great film made such
a buzz upon it's release that reviews could be read everywhere anyway.
Kim Je-woon once was one of my absolute favourite directors and this film was maybe the highlight of his career.
I just loved his earlier films The Quiet Family in 1998 and The Foul King in 2000. Then this in 2003.
I also liked his A Bittersweet Life in 2005, but then .... meeeh.

4 Great films in a row and also a short i haven't seen (Coming Home) and the Memories segment in anthology horror
Three was good, but i hated his desperately unfunny spaghetti western The Good, The Bad, The Weird and i didn't
like I Saw the Devil in 2010 either and his Hollywood movie in 2013 was a catastrophe.
His segment of the Doomsday Book about the truth seeking robot was quite good however, so, maybe there's hope
for Kim Je-woon yet even thoght there's been 10 years now since he made a really good feature film

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