App War (2018)

From left to right: Bun, Mild, June, Fai, Bom, Tai and Build

Hong Kong CN Entertainment DVD edition

Enjoyable Thai Rom-Com
, a slick looking one and obviously Thailand have perfected the art of making entertaining
romantic comedies (besides ghost movies) with young actors and probably targeted towards a young audience in
South-East Asia. OK, i'm an old gaffer and not a target for this type of film - but i enjoyed it too.
Not many Thai films have english subtitles anymore on their DVD or Blu-ray discs, but some Hong Kong releases
do have subs occasionally and now i do want to see more Thai comedies.

Apps. The mobile phone thingies people download providing help with a variety of things we didn't know we needed.
In this film the youth of Thailand seems to dream about being the inventor of a successful app and to get stinking
rich and adored. An application Oligarch God.
In this film Thai youngsters are competing in Teams and coming up with ideas that could be developed into apps,
and it starts with a StartUp app contest and then goes into a long Flashback telling the story about how the two Team
leaders Bom (Nat Kitcharit) and June (Varitsara Yu) initially met and got to be enemies. One year earlier ....

Bom and his buddies Tai and Build has just failed with their presentation of the E-Bug app. Later he meets a girl from
another team, June (Varitsara Yu) and she tells him that she would like to work with him, but then she disappears.
The three guys then have an idea for an app where people can join up and do something non-romantic and non-dating
stuff, as e.g. play badminton or eat indian food or whatever.
Bom is the programmer, Tai the designer and Build the marketer, and the app could be called Inviter.

But, there's almost always a But, there's already a similar app out there - AmJoin. But Bom is confident that their app will
work better and that the Inviter team will get the financial backing from the investors.
The Bom meets June again, and he once had fallen in love with her after their short meeting, but now she's the leader of
the AmJoin group (with i.a. Fai, Bun and cutie girl Mild (Patchanan Jinjirachote). Their apps are almost identical and only
one team will get the financial bcking .... so now there has to be a WAR, an app war.

The AmJoin group needs someone on the inside, a mole, and sends their Secret Weapon, the pretty Mild to seek a job
as an intern at the Inviter group, and vice versa as Inviter sends Tai to work at AmJoin as an app designer.
Tanthai Visutthichoke is the app millionaire that's willing to invest in their app and he invites them both to compete and
present their ideas at his StartUp Thailand contest with him as the Judge, and he will only back one of them.

Great Fun even though some of the young actors weren't that good, they were likeable and everyone seemed to have fun.
Film presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.39:1 and with a 5.1 thai audio and english subtitles, region all, no extras


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