Apocalipsis Sexual (1981)

Spanish Cine Erotico Espanol DVD edition


Carlos Aured (1937-2008) made 4 beloved horror movies in the 1970's with Paul Naschy: The 1973 Horror Rises from the Tomb (El espanto
de la tumba), 1973 Curse of the Devil (El retorno de Walpurgis), 1973 La venganza de la momia (The Mummy's Revenge) and in 1974 my
favourite Spanish giallo The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (Los ojos azules de la muñeca rota).

After the Death of Franco in November 1975 and the relaxation of film censoring Aured belonged to the group of director's that tried to
adapt to new trends, and he started making sex movies and comedies. He has Lina Romay in two of his sex films, and one of them were the
1981 Apocalipsis Sexual with Ajita Wilson. How did our horror director manage with this`task?
Znooooore, Zzzzzz, even though there are copious amounts of nudity and softcore sex in it the film is painfully un-sexy and boring

A Sexy crime thriller this extremely bad film was supposed to be, i guess, with the flimsiest kidnapping story as an excuse for everyone having
sex, all the time and with everybody. The lovely Lina Romay and the mysterious Ajita Wilson, whose pussy looks fine (she's supposed to
have been a transgender ?) nude all the time and having mostly lesbian sex - how could you fail making a sexy movie out of that ?
Hey, Ignacio F. Iquino did better with his 1978 Emmanuelle Y Carol (read about this post-Franco sex film on my Cult & Classics page 2) and
Jess Franco, he at least made his wife lina Romay look luscious in his many sex movies and he also mastered the infamous muff zoom of his.

The Story:

A group of five lowlifes, i.a. Lina Romay and Ajita Wilson, 2 men and 3 women, kidnaps the daughter of a millionaire and asks for a ransom
of 1 million dollars. While waiting for the exchange they are holed up at luxurious mansion with a swimming pool where they take a lot of
drugs and enjoy themselves with having a lot of sex. All the time and with everyone, and a lot of girl on girl sex, Lina and Ajita, and the
kidnapped girl becomes one of the gang and joins the Fun. Fun? I don't know about that as only Lina seems to show any excitement.
Clearly Carlos Aured was better suited to make horror movies as the sex scenes are badly shot.

Well, the police makes a huge effort to stop them from getting their ill-gained money, and will the gang of now 6 turn on each other ?

The film is presented in a not specified on sleeve widescreen ratio and not in 4:3 fullscreen as stated, with spanish mono audio and
WITHOUT any subtitles or any extras but a leaflet (see above) with info and small pics.
This film is a BAD BAD sexmovie crime story, but still, maybe not to be avoided for them pervs who like their Spanish Bushes


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