Apartment (2010)

India Shemaroo edition left and India Magna Home Video DVD at right


Why i Love Bollywood B

A Bollywood Noir crime film of the B type is almost always better than a prestigious big budget film aimed at the
great masses, syrupy idiotic garbage. Many of the Bollywood B Noir films would be considered cult films if they
were made in the west, maybe for the wrong reasons, but still, with a following. Bollywood heroines are made to
be Femme Fatales in a crime thriller and everyone involved, actors, actresses, the crew seems to attack their
project with energy and have a lot of fun doing it. These films always almost get really BAD reviews in India and
are unknown in the west (mostly big budget masalas or film festival artmovies are shown here).
Indian actors seems to have a talent for noirish crime, set-ups and double set-ups.

As there's no cult movie or B-film discussions either in Bollywod Film Forums, these enjoyable Bollywood B's
have no spokesmen, no one to defend them and hail them.

A Guilty Pleasure maybe, but i've seen Apartment many times now and the reason why this film rocks and actually
is, if not better, but for sure more FUN than the US original "Single White Female" is - the Amazing Neetu Chandra.
No, no, i've to be honest - this film is much, MUCH better than the Hollywood original and i really don't know
how many times i've seen this film by now, i re-watched it in 2016-11-18 and it still Rocks! Thanks great Neetu.
Obviously i'm the only one on the planet that loves this film. I love everything about it and not just Neetu's wild
and unforgettable performance, i love Tanushree Dutta, Rohit Roy is likeable and Anupam and his cat are sweet.


Neetu as Sonal in Oye Lucky!

as Priya in 13 B

The Great and underrated Neetu Chandra

She attacks the role as Neha Bhargav as a hungry She Wolf and with a 100% attitude and a sparkling charisma.
You can't take your eyes from her and as no-one gives her any credit i'm doing it here.

Neetu is well known as an actress, celebrity and sex-bomb beauty and she's one of the most underrated talented
actresses. I've only seen her in 4 films and Neetu was GREAT in the indie drama Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008)
as Sonal, the film directed by Dibakar Banerjee, and ditto in the smart and funny horror-comedy 13 B (2009) as
the sweet housewife Priya.
Then i've seen her in a small role in the awfully unfunny No Problem (2010) by Anees Bazmees as a gangster girl.
The interesting thing with this small part was that we could see her do some kicking and understand why she's got
these strong muscular legs. Why? Neetu Chandra is an accomplished taekwondo expert that has competed for India.

Looking for a martial arts film project

She has mostly made tamil and telugu films since, but there are rumours of her return to Hindi films and then with a
martial arts action film directed by Hit director Navdeep Singh (NH10). Let's hope for her Great return.
To finally see a martial arts Bollywood action with REAL martial arts from a REAL martial arts actress, wow!

Note 2020 October: Obviously Neetu really wants to make such a film and she has went to Hollywood and South
Korea looking for a script and a project. There has been talk about her appearing in the Korean youth Taekwondo
2019 and in 2020 ongoing action drama TV series "Narae - Kicking Out" or "Wings, Fly Up". But, i'm not sure


Is a crime-thriller and the Bollywood version of Hollywoods Single White Female from 1992 with Bridget Fonda and
Jennifer Jason Leigh. Both films follows a well trodden formula and nothing that happens will surprise you, and the
DVD sleeve of Apartment does hint what's gonna happen. I do like Bridget Fonda a lot and also in the neurotic style
of acting Jason Leigh - BUT, Apartment was more Fun. Maybe not better in a traditional sense, but, more FUN.
I'm sure 999 out of 1000 viewers doesn't think so - but i do.

Dutta and Roy

To see the cute and friendly Tanushree Dutta, ex Miss India 2004 and Top 10 Miss Universe contestant, in a fit
of jealousy kick out her boyfriend (Rohit Roy) and instead get a lodger - a helpful and homely girl turned psychotic
murderess played by the insanely gorgeous Neetu Chandra in Full Tilt - that's great Entertainment folks.

Yes, but before continue reading you should know that i also was the one out of 1000 that actually liked Catwoman,
the epic disaster from WB with Halle Berry. What's not to like? Halle was in it all the time, miaowing and hissing at
dogs and prancing around in a minimal catsuit against the skyline. Halle Berry, the goddess, that's a cult classic.
So, in this film you have a perfectly OK Rohit Roy as the bewildered boyfriend, an ex-Miss India in the cutey cute
Tanushree Dutta and a top model, certified sex bomb and talented actress in Neetu Chandra. What's not to like?
This is Premium Trashy Fun. Fasten Your Seatbelts and enjoy the crazy ride.

The Stewardess Preeti Sengupta (Dutta) has bought an apartment in Mumbai. At first she manages the costs and the rent
by letting her boyfriend (Rohit Roy) move in with her, but soon one of her jealousy rages leeds to him moving out.
So what should a Miss India Universe winner do? She puts in an ad seeking a lodger, and many unsuitable women
calls at her door before the perfect candidate finally shows up, the sweet and homely Neha Bhargav (Neetu) who has just
arrived to the City of Dreams and her new job in a bookstore.

Already in the films intro we've seen Neha taking the train to Mumbai and behaving in a disturbing way, so we know
there's trouble ahead. Neha, dressed in a traditional way and with long braids should ... i suppose ... look like a homely
indian girl and not at all sexy. BUT, No, Nooo, that film fiction don't work at all as i'm turning my wet shaggy wolf snout
at the moon and howls in tribute to Neetu Chandra the first second i see her on the screen.

Neha moves in and call Preeti her sister and seems happy to have a friend. A Friendship no one, NO ONE has the
right to disturb. Neha gets really annoyed when Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy), Preetis boyfriend is visiting and soon
the friendly old neighbours (played by film veteran Anupham Kher) beloved cat is found dead. Something's wrong

Where are you?

Could Neha be a psychopath? The Film lacks some directorial style and is a B movie but as i've already said Neetu
Chandras performance make it very enjoyable. Tanushree Dutta has a passive role as the sweet Preeti, but she's
perfectly OK and nice eye candy. Rohit Roy is good as the boyfriend and Anupham's fine as always even though
in a small role as the friendly cat loving old neighbour. Neetu's delightfully Over the Top. Great Fun.

Both Neetu Chandra (born 1984) and Tanushree Dutta (1981) are born in Bihar. Dutta left the industry in 2010
tired of the harsh atmosphere there and seeking for a religious answer to her questions about being a human.
Neetu has also kept a low profile in the hindi film industry since 2010. She has done modelling, acted in some
telugu and tamil films and on the theatre scene but hopefully we will see her again in a noteworthy hindi film.
Perhaps, as mentioned above, in a Martial Arts action big budgeted vehicle displaying her taekwondo skills.

Above pic from the promotion video Come into my Apartment - Candy Man where she dances and licks a
lollipop lying on a bed of candy. A Fun and completely not serious attempt at playing with Neetu's then sexbomb
label persona in media. However, sadly not many seem to like this film as much as i do.
widescreen 2.35:1, 5.1 or 2.0 hindi with english subtitles, song/dance numbers with english subs and the only
extra was this promotion video. The DVD a lowpriced edition that may have problems playing on some
players. One of mine didn't like it at all and refused playing it, but another played it without any problems

I very much want to have this fun film on a blu-ray disc - but that will probably never happen as it will surely
be lost in the swirl of time. Bollywood B movies rule and i love you Neetu

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