Angry Mom (2015)

Singapore Poh Kim Video 4 disc dvd edition


Yes, i've heard about the popularity of South Korean TV series in South-East Asia, it's massive (as massive as Japanese adult video i guess),
but i haven't watched any of these series until now. I seldom watch any TV series at all, anglo-US, Swedish or Korean or whatever as it takes
much to much time and most of the series i've given a chance has failed to awake any interest. In Swedish TV they mostly show US drivel
about Deep State agents, played by C-grade actors, protecting their country against evil arabs, russians, cubans or people from whatever
country that dare to oppose against the brutal regimen of the supposedly good guys (the Pentagon, CIA, the war industry, the bankers).
Also, most TV series are written to hook the viewers and to getting a season 2, and a season 3 etc etc. and thereby attract the commercials,
and provide everyone involved with a high and steady income. The script writers seem to have a very foggy idea about what will happen in
their series and ad-libs the happenings on a piece of toilet-paper the night before the shooting. No thanks!

So, now, when i gave a South Korean series a chance i was very surprised about how good it was. Very entertaining and with GREAT actors,
i loved them all, and it played out like a film, like a well made - if long- Korean movie, and with the usual mix of genres, with drama, crime, comedy
and melodrama. Angry Mom has been hailed though and won a bunch of prizes (for TV) so maybe this TV series is unusually good, but i would
for certain love if a TV station in my country (Sweden) would import a South Korean TV series and show it instead of another 997th US one.

Angry Mom has 16 episodes on 4 DVD discs, and every episode is about 1 hour long, so something like 16 hours of watching it is, and i
binge-watched it for 4 consecutive days with 4 episodes a day. I was hooked.
The actors are great. Kim Hee-seon, Ji Hyun-woo, Kim You-jung, Kim Tae-hoon, Park Young-gyu, Kim Hee-won, Kim Ji-young etc. etc.
Many of the faces you recognize from some movie you've seen. As usual the names of the actors or the characters they're playing can
vary depending on the transcription to western letters, e.g. Kim Hee-seon or Hee-sun plays the dual roles of Oh Kang-ja or Jo Gang-ja
and Jo Bang-eul or Bang-wool, so Google will have some work to do.

Teacher, mother and daughter

Oh Kang-ja (Kim Hee-sun) manages a fast-food restaurant (in Busan?), and has a slightly dorky husband Jin-sang (Lim Jung-joon) and a
nagging stepmother (great Kim Ji-young, R.I.P. 2017-02-19) and also the teenage daughter Oh A-ran (Kim Yoo-jung).
A-ran is moody and clearly something is wrong with her. She attends the exclusive private Han-Myung High School and she's bullied by
a tough girl gang, led by Jung-hee (cute K-Pop singer Lizzy).
What to do? The 34 year old Kang-ja is youthful looking and she decides to join her daughter's school as the transfer student JoBang-eul.
But she finds more than bullies with massive corruption among the teachers and the principal and with ties to higher political levels.

And when a murder occurs the comedy turns into a crime-drama and both A-ran and Kang-ja are really threatened.
There are an array of interesting characters in this series, and .... they're really good in their roles. I love them, there are:
1. The Good teacher, naive but optimistic about his role as a techer - Park No-ah (Ji Hyun-woo), 2. The Evil teacher Do Jung-woo (KimTae-
hoon), 3. The Very Evil Chairman Hong Sang-bok (great Park Young-gyu), 4. The gangster Dong-chil (Kim Hee-won), 5. Gong Ju (Ko Su-hee)
Kang Ja's old school buddy and a gangster woman, 6. Bok-dong (Ji Soo) student and an underling to Dong-chil, 7. Sang-tae (K Pop's Baro)

Singapore 4 disc edition, korean audio 2.0 stereo with english subtitles. Yees! I want to see more South Korean TV series now. I'm hooked
Region 9 - Region free DVD

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