Angel of Death (Commando Mengele, 1986)

US Substance Shit Quality DVD edition

Is this the worst action movie ever made ? Well, maybe not but it's for sure a hallucinatory BAD Nazi Hunt action from the
hack director of Euro Trash Cinema, the beloved Andrea Bianchi, a director that actually made some very entertaining and
fun trashy genre films that were much, much better than this abomination of a hunting for nazis action.
As, the 1975 Giallo sleaze classic "Strip Nude for your Killer", the 1979 sex-sleaze epic "Malabimba" or the 1981 zombie
classic "Burial Ground" where the lovely Mariangela Giordano has a sweet mother-son moment with Peter Bark and let's
not forget his 1972 co-directed thriller "What the Peeper Saw. So, i've seen 6 of his films and i've enjoyed 4 of them, so i
take it back - Andrea wasn't a hack director but a diverse Euro Trash director with ability to entertain. Sorry Andrea!

Actually, this film is so bad that you would think that Andrea's namesake Mario Bianchi was the director. Andrea Bianchi
made this piece of trash under the alias A. Frank Drew White, and he made it after a script penned down by spaniard Jesús
"Jess" Franco. And, what a glorious script it must have been, what a master of writing he was the great Jess. Such talent,
the Swedish Academy must've been alerted by someone watching this film, and after all didn't William Faulkner write film
scripts, and he won the Nobel Prize in Litterature, so why not Jess next ?
No, never happened and Jesús died in 2013, but Bob Dylan got the prize, so almost.

Regarding the Bianchi's it took me until 2020-07-28 to finally grasp that the Bianchi's were namesakes only and not related.
Andrea (1925-2013) and Mario (born 1939 and still alive when writing this), had the same family name and made the same type
of Euro Trash Cinema (with the difference that Mario made a lot of porno movies .... and often with swedish actress Marina
Hedman in them) so i guess others have made the same mistake as i did. OK, they may not have been brothers but they were
surely The Kings of Euro Trash film, The Namesake Brothers.
Eeeh, sorry, Andrea actually made some adult films too, i see now in the latter stages of his directing career, and with Marina
Hedman in some too. So, it's perfectly understandable that one mistakes them being brothers or related in some other way.

The Story: Jewish Nazihunters Felsberg (Fernando Rey) and Horner (Jack Taylor) are hunting the famous WW2 criminal
Doctor Mengele and finally get a tip about his whereabouts from Uruguay. The nightclub hostess Eva (Suzanne Andrews)
has been invited through the businessman Wolfgang (Christopher Mitchum in a another stinkeroo performance, and it's
said that whirring rotating sounds are heard from the grave of Robert Mitchum, vrrr, vrrr, vrr, every time that this film is
put into an innocent DVD or BR player) to the castle of a Doctor Karl Hermann (Franco regular Howard Vernon in another
sort of Dr. Orloff role). The Dr. runs an experimental clinic, could he be Dr. Mengele ? Do bears crap in the woods ?

And If this weren't bad enough the film is presented in a cropped atrocious fullscreen ratio by Substance, and it's almost
feeling appropriate for this stinkbomb of a film where the actors suck badly, with cringy dialogue and sensationally bad
action scenes upon that. Jack Taylor has been seen in many trash films but the great spanish Buñuel actor Fernando Rey
in a film like this, the horror, The Horror!

Garbage DVD proudly presents this masterpiece of acting, story and effects in 4:3 fullscreen with english audio and with
no extras at all, nada, none


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