The Angel Collection: Angel / Avenging Angel / Angel III The Final Chapter (1983, 1985, 1988)

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Text below written 2016-11-02

Ineptly made and badly acted B-grade .... or C-grade .... female revenge crime thrillers that somehow are enjoyable
none the less. The first one are the "best", the second one is OK and the third one is bad (even though Maud Adams
look good as the Bad Guy). These films are permeated with that nostalgic and tacky 1980's feeling, bad hair, clothing
and music .... with the possible exception of Lou Rawls who sing the theme song to the third film.
The Actors then .... ? Donna Wilkes, Mitzi Kapture and Betsy Russell playing Angel .... Who?

1. Angel (1983) direction: Robert Vincent O'Neill -

Poor Molly Stewart is 15 years old and abandoned by her parents since she was 12. She studies at an exclusive and
costly prep school in Los Angeles, and the reason she can afford it is her hooking at Hollywood Blvd. at night under
the alias of Angel. A riskful profession as there's a serial killer on the loose (played by John Diehl) who kills hookers.
Angel lives in a apartment house managed by the excentric painter Solly (Susan Tyrell) and the transvestite Marvin
(Dick Shawn) and her future guardian is police lieutenant Andrews (Cliff Gorman). The killer is arrested but manages
to flee and now Angel and her friends are in deadly danger, because the perp is armed, physically fit and ruthless.

Donna Wilkes looks into the camera now and then, but this film had some snappy pace to it and the fight towards the
ending between the perp and Marvin was surprisingly intense and the ending was dark. And yes, i almost forgot, Rory
Calhoun plays an old sharpshooter marksman dressed in cowboy gear, and he's good. There's some nudity.
anamorphic wide 1.78:1, english mono audio

2. Avenging Angel (1985) direction: Robert Vincent O'Neill -

There's a new actress playing the part of Angel (Betsy Russell) and a new actor playing the Lt. Andrews (Robert F.
Lyons). The Sequel is more campy in its tone and plays more like a TV movie than the first, but it's OK fun still.
In this film there's no psycho but nasty Mob hitmen knocking people off. In the beginning of the film a police woman
with nice boobs (seen only briefly, sadly, but no more nudity after that) gets killed whereby the killers get hold over her
list containing the names of corrupt policemen bought by the mob. A witness, a bum living on the streets, sees the killers
and the rest of the film he's chased by the mobsters and protected by Angel and Kit, the old sharpshooter (Calhoun).

No, no, sorry, there's no extras with 30 minutes of topless footage of that police woman Janie played by Karin Mani
but after looking up IMDB i saw she's the star of her own trashmovie, the martial arts exploitation action Alley Cat from
1984. Her beauties, though seen only for some seconds, are the best thing about Avenging Angel really, or is it just me?
anamorphic wide 1.85:1, english audio mono

3. Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) direction and script: Tom DeSimone -

This BAD and BORING film starts out in NY where yet another incarnation of Angel (Mitzi Kapture ... the famous
actress ... or not) now works as a photographer. She sees her mother Gloria (Anna Navarro) and follows her to LA
where the old woman gets killed by a car bomb, planted by a prostitution, drug- and white slavery gang.
The criminals are lead by an elegant lady with high cheekbones, Nadine (Maud Adams) and Molly Stewart alias Angel
goes hooking again to sleuth around about Nadine's whereabouts. Nadine's hitman, the killer Shahid (Emile Braucard)
dies hanging from a hook in a warehouse and Maud Adams freezing shamefully in a icecream truck, that's the highlights.
Oh, i nearly forgot, Toni Basil can be seen as the gallery owner Hillary. Toni? Of 1980's Monster Hit "Mickey" fame.
And, Blaxploitation legend Richard Roundtree takes part in this sorry film as police Lt. Doniger
anamorphic wide 1.85:1, english audio mono

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