An Eye for an Eye (1990)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment Ltd. DVD edition

A somewhat trashy and violent and also a bit sleazy crime-action drama with the beautiful Joey Wang (or Wong) as the daughter of a Triad boss
and who becomes the boss of the organisation when her father goes to jail for triad activities.
Wong Fung-Yee (Joey Wang) promises her father that she will run the business when he's in jail and her father's two second men Waye and Cheong
(Lung Fong plays this disgusting role as a psychotic maniac and rapist in the Over the Top style of HK Golden Era films Bad Guys).

Fung takes over and orders her bosses to close down all illegitimate businesses as gambling dens, massage parlours and nightclubs. Her boyfriend
is Kowloon anti triad cop Tats (Wilson Lam) and policeman Chung (Max Mok) is also her friend. Fung is called The Female Triad Head" by the media
and due to this Tats is transferred back to a regular police crime unit. Tats is angry about it which leads to the break-up of his relation to Fung.
Instead Fung's underling Cheong (Lung Fong) starts degrading her, raping her, beating her and filming it on video camera.
Cheong takes over the business of the Triad group and starts murdering people and smuggling arms. Will someone rescue Fung from this Devil ?

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with a cantonese audio DD 5.1 with english subtitles, trailer, picture gallery, region all