68 Kill (2016)

German MFA Film Distribution 2017 Blu-ray edition with reversible sleeve

Yes, ha, ha, loved this one. US indie films rule and US Hollywood sucks. Indie maestro Trent Haaga directed and scripted this funny crime
horror comedy, and he wrote the very interesting Deadgirl and also Cheap Thrills, directed Chop and acted in many, many trash indies.
A simple but effective story and a very enjoyable fun ride all way to the end. Nice actors too makes this work out so fine. Matthew Gray Gubler
is very fine as the naive good guy Chip, who can't believe his luck in having a smoking hot girlfriend as AnnaLynne McCord's Liza.
Sweet Liza has a decidely violent side to her though and a small robbery turns the night into chaos. McCord is HOT indeed and as good as
Gubler and the others are, she steal every scene she's in. You can't take your eyes from her ... and i even rooted for her a bit (yes, i'm sick).

Yes, it's a love story too, somewhat at least. OK, it's a wild and meaningless joyride but still one of the most entertaining films i've seen the
latest years or so. Very recommended! This is only the 2nd movie he has directed himself so the director future looks promising.

Chip is in for a tough ride. He has a slightly sheepish look on his face, he's a loser and probably quite dumb, but essentially he's a nice friendly
guy and .... the girls like him. With super hot Liza as a girlfriend he's the luckiest guy in the world., or ...?

His workmate warns him about Bad Pussy (one of the reasons for the jails being full) but he doesn't listen. Chip repeatedly tells her he loves her,
"I know you do" she answers. She fucks an older guy for money and plans to rob his safe, and she and Chip will do it very easy she says.
Little does Chip know what Liza is capable of, but he's soon to know.
Alisha Boe is cute as Violet and Sheila Vand is great as the gothic girl gasstation attendant.
Presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with an english audio DTS HD MA 5.1. Enda extra diverse dubbade tyska trailrar

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