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A Plunge into The Trash Culture (Film and some other stuff) 2001 - 2024


Welcome Cult Film Lovers, Connoisseurs and Sick Puppies ! 24 years on the Net - insane !
For Great Things Lost in the blåst. Sweden's most obscure filmsite Salutes You


Possession: Totally unique Psycho-Horror family drama shot just next to
the Berlin Wall with a couple breaking up and initiating the Apocalypse. Sam Neill and Isabelle

give their everything and Adjani won Best actress - read more on Horror Films Page 1

2 Days in the Valley: Forgotten but truly great 1996 Neo-Noir crime comedy
with a great cast of actors. Danny Aiello as the likeable ex-mobster Dosmo, James Spader as the
killer and Charlize Theron in her film debut as Norwegian Helga - read more on Cult Classics Page 1

Delitti Privati: Very fine 1992 Sergio Martino whodunit Murder Mystery
made by RAI TV in 6 episodes about murders in the small Tuscan town of Lucca. Legendary
Edwige Fenech produced and acted in the main role - read more on Gialli & Eurocrime Page 1

Lost in the Stars: Beautiful and also a bit disturbing Chinese Crime Mystery
where a man on his honeymoon reports his wife as missing, but after 2 weeks she turns up again

and she's a total stranger to him and no one believes him
- read more on Hong Kong Classics Page

Burial Ground : B film maker Andrea Bianchi's lowbudget Etruscan zombie
masterpiece with the famous Mother and Son munching moment between MariAngela Giordano

and Peter Bark. Great 4K UHD Blu-ray 2 disc edition
- read more on Horror Films Page 1

On this site, c
ool films from all over the world, indie, cult and classics. Also rants about Film Noir and Pulp
Fiction, sport, indie rock and forgotten but great Strange Things. Culture snobs would call it A Plunge into
the Trash Culture - phrase used by journalist Lennart Persson - R.I.P. Maestro. Welcome all bewildered
visitors to this site and let's jump into this glorious cesspool together.
Texts, short reviews and delusional ramblings are written by Gunnar, Strange Things if not noted otherwise
Please note: DVD and Blu-ray releases (and finally also 4K UHD) is about to DIE. Film companies will only
provide streaming on all platforms, so You better get your favourite films on a disc before it's too late

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