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Välkomna kultfilmsälskare, finsmakare och knäppgökar! Nu 19:e året på nätet - otroligt men sant!
For Great Things Lost in the blåst. Sweden's most obscure filmsite Salutes You


Il Grande Silenzio (The Great Silence) - A Legendary and very unusual deep snow western
in a fine restored version. Great acting from Klaus Kinski and Jean-Louis Trintignant, great visuals and direction

from Sergio Corbucci and with an ending hard to forget - read more on Cult & Classics Page 1

Leonor: Slow Art Drama Horror from the son of Buñuel. Obscure but very atmospherical and
with great actors
as Michel Piccoli and Liv Ullman, a Morricone soundtrack and gorgeous Tovoli cinematography.
A medieval knight re-animates his 1st wife and a series of child murders ensues - read more on Horror page 1

The Spiral Staircase - Visually groundbreaking Gothic horror masterpiece, and maybe the
model for the Giallo crime genre, with a killer hunting mute Helen wearing his black gloves, black coat and hat
Dorothy McGuire is fantastic as the woman in peril. Welcome to the Warren mansion - read more on Horror Page 2


Here i will talk about c
ool film from all over the world, indie, cult and classics. But also rant about Film Noir and
Pulp Fiction, sport, alt. rock and forgotten but great Strange Things. Culture snobs would call it A Plunge into
the Trash Culture - a phrase used by rock journalist Lennart Persson - R.I.P. Maestro. Welcome all bewildered
visitors to this site and let's jump into this glorious cesspool together.
All texts, short reviews and delusional ramblings are written by Gunnar, Strange Things if not noted otherwise
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