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Välkomna kultfilmsälskare, finsmakare och knäppgökar! Nu 16:e året på nätet - otroligt men sant!
For Great Things Lost in the blåst. Sweden's most obscure filmsite Salutes You


Asiatisk höst - Aaaaaah, underbart! Shunji Iwai's 3 timmar långa nya drama A Bride for Rip
Van Winkle och Park Chan-wook's enligt uppgift visuellt hänförande lesbian revenge thriller The Handmaiden
Deep Red: The Forgotten queen of Dario Argento's 1975 Giallo masterpiece Deep Red is
Clara Calamai as the Mother. She's unforgettable with her great screen presence and she's delightfully scary.
And what about the constant Argento bashing from Nicolodi in every DVD/BR interview, is it a joke, or?
Give the man a break, he's not bad-talking You, show some decency - Read more Giallo & Eurocrime Page 2

Kinski Spaghetti: The iconic actor did a lot of italian westerns, from the great ones as
Damiano Damiani's political masterpiece Quién Sabe or Sergio Leone's to the bad ones, as Demofilo Fidani's.
He had this fascinating unique stone-carved face that most often rendered him the bad guy roles, tortured by
existential angst bad guys. Kinskis presence made any western watchable - Read more on Cult Classics page 2


Here i will talk about c
ool film from all over the world, indie, cult and classics. But also rant about Film Noir and
Pulp Fiction, sport, alt. rock and forgotten but great Strange Things. Culture snobs would call it A Plunge into
the Trash Culture - a phrase used by rock journalist Lennart Persson - R.I.P. Maestro. Welcome all bewildered
visitors to this site and let's jump into this glorious cesspool together.
All texts, short reviews and delusional ramblings are written by Gunnar, Strange Things if not noted otherwise
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